Wellness has been a passion of mine for a very long time.

I feel that wellness is all encompassing. It includes your mind, body and spirit.

Over the years I have seen way too many people suffer from depression and anxiety that are close to me and my family. It is an epidemic in our world that needs to change.

There is hope, there is joy and there is love in the world.

When you stop looking for validation on the outside, and instead turn to the inside, that makes all the difference.

See, money, fame, popularity…none of that is what brings you joy. You need to find that on the inside. You need to know yourself so well that it doesn’t matter what others have to say because you know your own truth.

If you are ready to do the inner work, try out some new things to help you make changes, open your heart and mind to new opportunities and want to have fun and love life again, you are in the right place.

No two people are going to have the same journey to Zen. The goal is to find what works for you so that you can be happy even when there is chaos around you, because the test isn’t aced when you can find Zen in the quiet. It is aced when you can find Zen within, no matter what is going on outside.

I am here to help and support you, however that looks. There are free resources on the site and that list will continue to grow. There will be new blogs added regularly to the site to provide more information that I find that will be of value to you. There is also an option of coaching with me or just having a conversation to help you in the best way for you.

My mission is to reach as many people as I can to let them know there are options, there is support and life really can be fun!

I am so glad you are here.