I recently read E3 by Pam Grout. She talks about financial abundance in one chapter and about how so many of us think in lack instead of abundance.

How many times have you find a penny on the ground and thought “It’s only a penny” instead of being grateful you found it?

Focus instead on the abundance and celebrate finding the penny. By focusing on receiving abundance you can bring that reality to your life.

How about when you pay bills? Do you grumble about spending the money? Instead, try to say a blessing of gratitude for each bill you pay and be grateful for the service you are paying for.

Giving money away also brings abundance. I know, that one is hard to understand, but when you give to others it gets returned to you many times over.

Spend time each day in gratitude. Look for the abundance of pennies. Say thank you when paying your bills and donate when you can, no matter the amount.

Focus on abundance, and it will start to flow to you and will keep gaining momentum.