When I first learned of meditation, my first thought, like most people, was that I would have to sit in a room, cross legged on the floor, saying “OM” over and over.

Then I started to look into it more and what I learned was so much better than that.

There are a lot of different ways to meditate and it is all about choosing the way that helps you the most.

There is meditation where you are guided by someone else, ones that you walk during, sitting in silence is also a version.

Even household chores can be a version of meditation when you are focused on the task you are doing and letting your mind be still.

I have heard many versions of “meditation sounds so boring” and I was even one of those people many years ago, before I understood the benefits of it. Then once I started to try it out I quickly learned that I felt so much better after meditating than I did before.

Meditation is a way for you to reconnect to yourself. It is a way to tap into your inner guidance, and have the space to hear the answer you wouldn’t necessarily hear in your day to day running around pace. It is an opportunity to slow down, take some time for yourself and be able to get clarity around things that are concerning your or that you are uncertain about. It is a way to balance yourself, rejuvenate and feel better.

If you don’t meditate now, I suggest trying it out. Find someone you can learn from. I am a part of Gabby Bernstein’s Miracle Membership and I love the guided meditations. You may want to try guided meditations, or just go on YouTube and look up Meditation music. Download something to try, put it on and set a timer for 5 minutes to start and see how you feel.

You can also meditate while you go for a walk or do household chores. Those are also good ways I found, especially if you are an active person and the thought of sitting still for too long makes you a little uneasy.

Try different ways of meditation and stick to the ones that make you feel good. You will find that you get better and better at it, that you want it to last longer in time, and that you feel better as a result.

Don’t force yourself to do a version you don’t enjoy. There are many options so just keep trying. Then when you find what works, keep at it.

I have found that on a good day, I may meditate one time in the morning and on the days that are a bit harder I often meditate more than once.

The reason for that is because I need that space for clarity. I need the time to balance myself and make myself feel better and realign my energy so I can continue the day in a better space. I don’t dwell on the hard times, I work my way through them with guidance from my meditations.

So keep on meditating and reassessing your feelings. Maybe try journaling them as well and in time, look back and see the difference in your entries. I think you will find it interesting how much you change with such a small new habit.