We often stay inside to work, spend our time on the couch watching TV to wind down, sleeping in our bed at night and not really paying much attention to outside other than to figure out the weather for the day.

Nature has so much more to offer than just the weather though. It is alive with energy.

If you have a garden, the more you tend to it the better it grows. And when you are pouring love into it, it grows even better. When you neglect it though, it tends to not do so well. Sure some things will grow but you won’t get as many veggies and your flowers won’t bloom as beautifully.

The reason for this is because plants are living beings. They respond, just like humans, to how they are treated.

Nature has answers for you if you spend time there. Tune in to your surroundings, be grateful for the views, the tress, the river, whatever is around you.

Ask for guidance, put your heart out and just listen. Don’t be distracted by your phone, pay attention. The Universe has answers for you but they will come in a variety of ways. Be aware of what natures is showing you and have faith that if you connect and listen, you will have experiences I’m sure you missed in the past.

Be aware and soak in nature’s positive energy. Stay in gratitude and expect miracles. They do happen.