About Zen from Chaos

There is always a story behind change. Sometimes it just takes a little searching to find your own. 

What is Your Story Behind the Changes You Want to Make?

We all have a story that leads to us deciding to make a change in our life. No matter what that change is, it always starts from the story. What story are you telling yourself currently? What story do you want to change for the better? 

My own story started years ago when I thought I could do it all on my own and didn’t need any help. I was a workaholic and I also wanted to be the best mom and wife. I volunteered my time as well and thought I could do it all…until I crashed and burned trying to and realized a change had to happen. 


When you consciously choose to make the changes that you need to, you will see the results you desire. Sometimes you can make those changes on your own and other times you need a little support. That support could come from family, friends, or a professional. It all depends on what you need and how others are capable of supporting you.

That support system may not be obvious to you either. It may not be your parent, spouse or best friend. It may be someone totally separate but you have to be open to seeing that person when they come into your life in order to get that support. 


Mind, Body and Spirit work together for wellness.

You have a choice about how you feel. Choose happiness. Choose peace. Choose love.

Choose You. 



 About Erin

My story began many years ago, when I realized that there was a better way to live my life and chose to find my inner peace and happiness. I have spent 20 years learning and applying those lessons, studying the brain and gut, learning and trying out various holistic remedies and being fully immersed in the world of feeling good.

I know the importance of going within and also how hard it can be to get started and keep the practice going. 

I am an Integrative Health Coach. I believe in holistic healing and have been trained in a variety of modalities to help people of all ages to feel better, reach their goals and live the life they want.   

I have been fortunate to have amazing teachers and mentors that have supported me on my journey, helped me find the answers I needed and provided resources that made a world of difference for myself and my clients. 

I think we should all have that level of support and understand that it may not come from who you assume it should.  It may be a new friend, an introduction to someone, a professional that you learned about, a resource that was sent to you, a product that you came across or anything else. 

Each of us will have a different life journey. There is no cookie cutter approach that helps everyone make changes. It is about starting where you are at and learning from there.

You need to be willing to try something new and see how it fits for you. Knowing it is OK if your journey is different from someone else you know. Have fun and enjoy all that you encounter along the way. 

Mission & Vision

Depression, anxiety and suicide are, unfortunately, epidemics in our world right now.  My mission is to help as many people as I can so that they can in turn help others whenever it is possible.  

No one should have to struggle alone, or feel alone.  Mental health has a stigma around it but we all struggle with it from time to time, no matter who  we are, how fortunate we are, or any other factor.  None of us is different from another in that area.  It touches all of our lives. 

My mission is to teach others what I have learned myself over the last 20 years. To help you start from where you are, guide you when you need it, and provide resources that are helpful to you, no matter if you are working with me one on one or you are just browsing online for solutions to finding inner peace, ways to improve your mental health, help with depression or anxiety, or how to make changes that will last a lifetime, not a few months.

I dream of a world where more people realize they have a choice about how they feel and they have support to feel better when they need it. 

My vision is for as many people as possible to learn the tools that work for them so they can create Zen from chaos. 





Is Finding Zen Hard?

No, it is what you make it. Having an open mind to trying new things, being open to new ideas and practicing new tools to find what works for you should be an enjoyable experience. 


What if I don't like a technique I learn?

All techniques should be ideas for you to try. They won’t all work for you. The fun is in the experimenting. If you find a technique that triggers you or that you don’t enjoy, stop doing it.  You can always circle back and try again later if you want to. If it isn’t right for you, that is totally OK. 


Can I do this on my own?

You absolutely can! I provide plenty of resources for you that you can learn from on your own. If you choose to have a little more support you have options as well for that.  


If I want a lot more support, what does that look like?

If you decide that you would like a lot more support and want to immerse yourself in the process and have accountability, there are options for that.  I am happy to chat with you to find out where you are at and what you feel will help the best. Once I understand where you are at, I can make suggestions for the best way for you to reach those goals.