Stress is one of those things that none of us can completely avoid in life.  Sometimes it can creep in and we don’t even realize it until we have the detrimental effects on our health kick in.

Stress can cause a lot of havoc in your life and your health if you don’t take care of it.  There are many ways to relieve stress and I am going to outline the 5 I consider most effective.

  1. Meditation. This is a great way to stop the chatter in your head for a while, go inside yourself and just be still. It is a way to reset your body and recenter yourself again. The more you practice meditation the more you will connect with your inner knowing/intuition as well.  You can use these times, as you get used to meditating, to ask for guidance on a problem you are experiencing and just listen for a response that may come to you.  Often, when we are in stillness, we can hear the answers inside that we have been searching for, but that were blocked out by all the chatter in our heads already.   Meditation doesn’t have to be hard either.  There are many forms of meditation including guided meditations and walking meditations.  Try out a few different ways and stick with what works for you.
  2. Mindfulness. This is a way to stay in the present moment and focus on what is happening currently, not what is happening in the future or already did in the past. When you practice mindfulness, you will get more out of your relationships, as well as find that you are more productive and less anxious. Mindfulness brings you to the present moment only and can be practiced regularly. The more you consciously practice it, the quicker you will start to just do it subconsciously in your day to day life.  
  3. Being in gratitude. Gratitude is a way to elevate your energetic vibration because you can’t be in gratitude and worry about something at the same time. When you are grateful for what you already have, you will open up the space for what you desire to come in as well.  Living in gratitude is a way of keeping your energetic vibration high and focused on the good.  It is also a way of feeling better when you are down. Remember, there is always something to be grateful for.
  4. Letting go. We can’t hold on to all the problems ourselves.  I often say Let go and let God.  When you turn to a higher power, whatever that means for you, you can let go of the hard times and turn them over for help.  We often get stuck trying to do it all ourselves and there is always a plan that is greater than ours and easier than ours, that is just waiting to show itself if we give it an opening. We need to learn to do this when we are trying to control something that is out of our control or help with something that is not our issue to begin with also.  We must give it away to a higher power to help with.
  5. Slowing down. We need to practice this daily.  We are always running at a high pace and doing multiple things and more and more. We need to slow down, focus on one thing at a time and see the difference in our productivity as well as our emotional and energetic states. Slowing down gives us a chance to turn within and see how we feel.  Once you see the difference in how your body reacts between when you are racing around or slowing down, you will choose slowing down more often.

I invite you to try these 5 areas out.  Don’t try them all at once.  Do one at a time and see how you feel.  Journal how you feel and the difference you see as well.  This is a great way to look back on how you started this journey, what you tried and how you felt afterward.  It will help you to determine what works for you, what you don’t want to continue doing and you will have an inner knowing and connection again that you lost along the way.

Whatever you choose to do needs to be something you know you can incorporate into your life and are committed to trying for a bit to actually see results.  If you are not all in, it won’t be as helpful. These are practices that in time you want to be sure to add to your life regularly, not inconsistently from time to time.