We all struggle at different times in our life. Our lives are multifaceted with work and personal relationships.


Maybe you struggle with depression, anxiety, making healthy changes, or being accountable to make those changes.  Maybe you struggle with your career.  You may be looking for someone to talk things through with so you can gain a new perspective, see new opportunities and just feel better.  


Happiness comes from within, not from an outside source.

Whether it is your life or your career,

what you are doing should be making you happy from the inside out. 

Here at MBS Wellness LLC, I focus on helping you in a variety of ways.  

As both a business coach and a health coach, I believe mind, body and spiritual health are important in order to experience your most fulfilling life and career.  

I work with clients by using a combination of: 

Interwoven aspects of mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral techniques.  I also utilize the healing aspects of spirituality, law of attraction and the power of perception, insight, awareness, thoughts, words and energy fields on mental and physical health.   

I coach clients in many ways including with:

  • Communication techniques

  • Cognitive behavioral strategies for reducing depression

  • Rational emotive techniques for reducing anxiety      

  • Stress and coping: Evidence based techniques 

  • How to grow your business in the way that fits you best 

  • How to build a strong team focused on winning together

I use various tools to help clients which include:

  • Intuition and motivational interviewing   

  • Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety   

  • Foods and nutrients that determine the quality of health

  • Chronic pain and illness: The mind-body connection and the importance of thoughts and emotions on healing physical pain 

  • My background in operations, marketing and business growth 

  • My knowledge on how to best delegate and how to determine when that needs to happen in your business as well as team building


 If you are ready for this type of support for yourself or if you are heading up a team that could use this type of support, please reach out!